Advertising on S3CPTEAM


Thinking of advertising on S3CPTEAM? Great! We accept advertisements on our channel! If you want to advertise on one our videos, please read below.

You must have over 50 subscribers. If you do not have 50 subscribers, your videos must be viewed by a fairly large audience (based on our judgement). Your add must also be related to Club Penguin.

1) Choose whether your advertisement will be an image or video. If your ad is a video, it must be under 30 seconds long. We only accept advertisements from appropriate channels.

2) If your ad is an image, the image must be around 1200 x 800 pixels. A maximum of 3 images may be submitted. 

3) Once you have your ad ready, email it to and we’ll publish it in our next video!


4) Now, you need to put our advertisement on one of your videos. Contact @TheSpeedo or S3CPTEAM’s main Twitter account (@S3CPTEAM) about this. We’ll send you a video under 30 seconds to your email so you can insert it into your next video :)

5) And that’s all you need to do! If you need any assistance with the instructions shown above, please contact @TheSpeedo or @S3CPTEAM. No money is involved in advertising on S3CPTEAM, and it’ll be great if you choose to advertise with us! :)

– Speed & Stars


Season’s Greetings

We hope everyone had a great Christmas!

It has been quite a while since we decided to stop updating here on the S3CPTEAM Website. (Stars’ post about this is here).

However we thought we’d update you on some of our recent videos on the S3CPTEAM Channel. Although we haven’t uploaded a new video in months, we hope to do so soon, so please stay tuned!

Here is our channel trailer, in case you are new to our channel.

Also, check out out most recent CPMV: Avicii – Waiting for love

Our latest video on the channel is Speed’s Q&A.

We hope to post more videos on our channel in the future, and we apologise for the current lack of posts. 

Have a lovely holiday and happy new year!

– Stars and Speed

The Fair and Rainbow Puffle Party Have Been Extended!

This is a message from Megg.

Hey Penguins,

For those of you who’ve had problems logging in, and for those who asked us to extend the Fair and Rainbow Puffle Party—we’ve been listening. We’re extending BOTH parties! Here are the new dates:

The Fair on desktop computers: On now until June 10

Rainbow Puffle Party on the Club Penguin app: On now until June 17 – That’s two more weeks to get free rainbow puffles :D

The team really wants you to know we appreciate all your feedback. Let us know what you think of both parties in the comments below!

Waddle on,

-Club Penguin Team

Sounds great! I can’t wait for these extensions Megg! -Speed

Special Announcement from Daffodaily5!

This is a very important message from Daffodaily5.


Today I have some big news: some of us are moving on to our own little adventures. The blog will continue to bring you the latest CP news and stories, and Megg will be taking over Penguin of the Week!

The time I’ve spent as part of this community has been so brill. Here’s a pic of my favourite events we’ve shared together:

Special Announcement from Daffodaily5

It’s been amazing to get to know everyone, and to celebrate that, we’re hosting an epic parade across four different languages with the German, French and Spanish bloggers: Koa Koralle, Loustik005, and Karlapop321! On Wednesday, June 3rd, we’ll meet in the Plaza at the following times:

4:00pm BST (8:00am PST) – English, Big Foot server

4:15pm – Spanish, Avalancha server

4:30pm – German, Handschuhe server

4:45pm – French, Yeti Server

I hope we’ll see some of you there! In the meantime, share your favourite memories in the comments.

Waddle on forever!


– Daffodaily5

It is indeed, such a shame that Daffodaily5 is leaving. I remember her first post on the Club Penguin blog and now this is her last. You will be missed so badly Daffo, Good luck for the future :) -Speed